PMRC Conference Schedule


Time: 08:30 – 09:50

LKS 1-1Panel 1a: Collaborative Public Management

Chair: H. Brinton Milward (The University of Arizona)

A Running Start or a Clean Slate? The Effectiveness of Mandated Collaboration in a Context of Prior Collaboration Versus a Context of No Prior Collaboration
Rui Mu, Dalian University of Technology
Wouter Spekkink, University of Manchester
Frank Boons, University of Manchester

A Study of a Cross-sector Collaboration for the Homeless: The Case of Continuum of Care (CoC) Homeless Networks
Hee Soun Jang, University of North Texas
Jesus N. Valero, University of Utah
Jihoon Jeong, University of North Texas

Hierarchical or Horizontal: Environmental Collaborative Governance of Chinese Local Governments
Lingyi Zhou, Tsinghua University
Yixin Dai, Tsinghua University

Participatory Budgeting and Collaborative Governance: Building a Theoretical Foundation through Public Administration and Management Theories
Yaerin Park, George Washington University
LKS 1-2Panel 1b: Performance Management

Chair: Altaf Virani (National University of Singapore)

Does Strategic Planning Improve Performance? A Meta-Analysis of Public and Private- Sector Evidence.
Bert George, Erasmus University
Richard M. Walker, City University of Hong Kong
Joost Monster, Utrecht University

Publicness and Performance: The Effects of Governmental Ownership, Funding, and Regulation
Young-Han Chun, Seoul National University
Kyung Eun Lee, Seoul National University

Who Reacts to Performance Information? Heterogeneous Citizen Response to Performance Metrics
Minjung Kim, American University
Nathan Favero, American University
Miyeon Song, Texas A&M University
OTH Conference RoomPanel 1c: Rethinking Public Service Motivation

Chair: Bradley E. Wright (University of Georgia)

Firing Up the Engine or Burning Down the House: A Job Demands-Resources Model Approach to Public Service Motivation, Professionalism and Burnout
Wouter Vandenabeele, Utrecht University
Lysanne van Schaik, Utrecht University

From a "Taste for Science" to a "Taste for Publications"? Testing the Motivation Crowding Theory
Poul Erik Mouritzen, Aarhus University
Niels Opstrup, University of Southern Denmark

Tired from Working Hard?: Examining the Effect of Individual Initiative on Emotional Exhaustion and the Buffering Roles of PSM and Perceived Supervisor Support
Wisanupong Potipiroon, Prince of Songkla University

Saving Lives by Sabotaging a Public Service Mission? The Role of Public Service Motivation in Moral Dilemmas
Chung-An Chen, Nanyang Technological University
Chengwei Xu, Singapore Management University

Innovation RoomPanel 1d: Environmental Management and Climate Change

Chair: Xun Wu (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Old Problems and New Dilemmas: The Conundrum of Environmental Management Reform in China
Bo Wen, University of Southern California

The Impact of Environmental Regulation and Shadow Economy on Environmental Quality: Theory and Empirical Evidence for China based on Province-Level Statist
Heyin Chen, Tsinghua University
Yu Hao, Beijing Institute of Technology
Xiaojie Song, Beijing Institute of Technology

Collaborative Environmental Governance in the Greater Bay Area and the Case of Ship Emissions Control
Coco Dijia Du, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Kira Matus, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Xun Wu, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Wind Power Curtailment: Unintended Consequence of China's Wind Power Policy
Canhui Liu, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Coco Dijia Du, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
MM2-1Panel 1e: Public Health Management

Chair: Kai Hong Phua (National University of Singapore)

Early Impacts of Capitation Payment Reform on the Human Resources in Health of the Public Primary Health System in Indonesia: A Propensity Score Matching and Difference-in-Difference Analysis
Si Ying Tan, National University of Singapore

Health Care for Public Servants in Asia
M Ramesh, National University of Singapore

Municipalities' Management Strategies on the Welfare Mixes in Ageing Society: Evidence from the Implementation of Long-Term Care in Japan
Reiko Arami, Nagoya University

Processes Driving Unintended Consequences in Mental Health Policy:
Predictive Validation by Follow-Up Questionnaire
David Foreman, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Empirical Studies on the Effects of Essential Medicines Policy in China
Lili Li, National University of Singapore
Jiwei Qian, National University of Singapore
Xun Wu, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
MM2-2Panel 1f: Capacity Building and Reform in Policy and Management

Chair: Arkalgud Ramaprasad (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Recent Thinking and Developments in Organisational Effectiveness and Capacity Enhancement in the Public Sector
Andrew Podger, Australian National University
John Wanna, Australian National University

Informatics Capacity to Manage Local Climate Change (LCC) Effects Public Management: Measuring Policy Capacity, Linking it with Policy Outcomes, and Building Policy Capacity among Public Managers
Arkalgud Ramaprasad, University of Illinois at Chicago
Carlos Manzano, Universidad de Chile
Thant Syn, Texas A&M International University

What Affects Outsourcing of Home-based Elderly-Care Service: Findings from Multiple Cases in China
Lili Wang, Arizona State University
Lei Wu, Shanghai University of Engineering and Science
Jialiang Xu, Shanghai Jiaotong University

MM2-3Panel 1g: Public Sector Leadership

Chair: Janine O’Flynn (The University of Melbourne)

Leadership in the Public Sector: What Do We Know??
Lotte Bøgh Andersen, Aarhus University
Lars Tummers, Utrecht University
Stefan Boye, Aarhus University

Leading in Place: Leadership Through Different Eyes
Rosemary O'Leary, University of Kansas
Rita Hilton, US Millennium Challenge Corporation

Revisiting James Q. Wilson's Bureaucracy: Agency Leadership and the Observability of Agency Activities
William Resh, University of Southern California
Heejin Cho, University of Southern California
Haram Lee, University of Southern California

Some Lead, Some Follow: Followership and Career Prospects in a Military Organisation
Rick Vogel, Universität Hamburg
Fabian Hattke, Universität Hamburg
Judith Znanewitz, Helmut-Schmidt-University
MM3-1Panel 1h: Is Public Management in Disarray in the 21st Century? Comparing Reinventions and Redirections in Asia (part I)

Sponsored by Public Administration and Development (PAD)

Chair: Zeger van der Wal (National University of Singapore)

Two Problems, One Solution: Advancing Public Management Research in East and West
Alasdair Roberts, UMass Amherst School of Public Policy

Transforming Public Management for the Globalisation Forces: Implications for its Relevance to Southeast Asia
M. Shamsul Haque, National University of Singapore

Public Administration and the Crisis and Endurance of a Hybrid Regime: The Case of Hong Kong
Eliza Lee, The University of Hong Kong
MM3-4Panel 1i: Public Management: International Experiences

Chair: Chair: Naomi Aoki (National University of Singapore) & Mehmet Akif Demircioglu (National University of Singapore)

Public Management in Self-Government Shared Services Centres in Poland
Pawel Modrzynski, UTP University of Science and Technology
Robert Gawlowski, WSB University in Torun

What’s Wrong with Job Security?
How the Pursuit of External Rewards Impacts Public Servants’ Work Attitudes in Kazakhstan
Chung-An Chen, Nanyang Technological University
Assel Mussagulova, Nanyang Technological University
Zeger van der Wal, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

The Politics and Mechanisms of Province Partition in the Philippines: Opportunism, Reciprocity and Mirroring of Preferences
Michael Tumanut, University of the Philippines Diliman

Competing for Father's Love? The Politics of Central Government Agency Termination in Authoritarian China
Sicheng Chen, Tsinghua University
Tom Christensen, University of Oslo
Liang Ma, Renmin University of China

MM3-5Panel 1j: Fiscal Governance Innovations and Policy: Pitfalls in Changing Times

Chairs: Tima T. Moldogaziev (University of Georgia), and Yulianti Abbas (Universitas Indonesia)

Mission, Innovation and Results: Do Modern State Revenue Departments Meet The Mark?
Jekyung Lee, University of Georgia
Marilyn Marks Rubin, The City University of New York
Katherine Willoughby, University of Georgia

Exploring Impact of State Credit Quality Changes on Municipal Government Borrowing Costs
Sharon N. Kioko, University of Washington

Corruption and State-Local Capital Spending Stability
Arwiphawee Srithongrung, Wichita State University
Cheol Liu, KDI Institute of Public Policy
Tima T. Moldogaziev, University of Georgia

Marijuana Policy and Latinos Preferences in Colorado
Edward Vargas, Arizona State University

09:50-10:10 | COFFEE AND TEA BREAK

Time: 10:10-11:30

LKS 1-1Panel 2a: Private-Public Partnerships

Chair: Simon Porcher (University of La Sorbonne)

Challenges of PPPs in Laos: Comparing IT and Mechanical Engineering Sector
Public Private Partnership as Innovation Adoption: Does the Process Count?
Herlin Chien, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
Tra Tran, IPAG Business School

Strategic Multiple Logic Arrangement in PPP:
A Case of Projects for Community Business Support in Japan
Hiroshi Togo, Kindai University
Tadahiko Yoshida, Kindai University
Yusuke Inoue, Hakodate University

Does Municipal Management Capacity Matter? Competitive versus Negotiated Procurement in China’s Public-Private Partnerships
Hui Li, National University of Singapore
Zhirong Jerry Zhao, University of Minnesota

Unconscious Biases in PPP Performance Evaluation. A Framing Experiment on the Adverse Effects of Affect Mis-attribution
Kristina S. Weißmüller, University of Hamburg

Public-Private Partnership and the State-Owned Enterprises: The Case of Wastewater Treatment in China
Xun Wu, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Neng Qian, National University of Singapore
Olivia Jensen, National University of Singapore
LKS 1-2Panel 2b: Gender and Representation in Public Management

Chair: Namrata Chindarkar (National University of Singapore) & Janine O’Flynn (The University of Melbourne)

Female Leaders in a Male Public Organisation: An Empirical Analysis of Leader Prototypicality, Power and Gender in the Police
Antonio Vera, German Police University
Faye Barth-Farkas, German Police University

More Blessed to Give Than to Receive? Evidence of Giver Success in Career Advancement from Taiwanese Female Civil Servants
Chih-Wei Hsieh, City University of Hong Kong

Contracting and the Bureaucratic Representation of Minorities and Women: Examining Evidence from Federal Agencies
Lawrence A. Brown, University of Georgia

Academic-Practitioner Collaboration on Gender Research in U.S. Federal Law Enforcement: Results From Three Coproduction Partnerships
Helen H. Yu, University of Hawaii at Manoa
OTH Conference RoomPanel 2c: Causes, Determinants, and Antecedents of Innovation

Chair: Mehmet Akif Demircioglu (National University of Singapore)

Slackless Resilience Building: Enhancing Innovation While Dealing With Austerity
Tom Overmans, Utrecht University

State Capacity, Embedded Interests and Innovation in Developing Contexts
Keston Perry, University of London

Organisational Decline and Service Innovation: A Panel Study of Online Services in Dutch Municipalities
Joris van der Voet, Leiden University
MM2-1Panel 2d: The Politics of Policymaking and Policy Advice

Chair: Stephanie Moulton (The Ohio State University)

Advocacy, Strategy and the Use of Scientific Evidence in Political Administrative Decision-Making: A Study of Top-Level Administrators in the Netherlands
Rene Torenvlied, University of Twente
Caspar van den Berg, University of Groningen
Veronica Junjan, University of Twente

Management Consultants as Agents of Privatisation: Implications for Service Quality and Organisational Efficiency
Gianluca Veronesi, University of Bristol
Andrew Sturdy, University of Bristol
Ian Kirkpatrick, University of Warwick

Shadow Policymaking: Assessing Interest Group Influence on U.S. Agency Guidance Development
Susan Webb Yackee, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Subnational Policy Consultants in Developing Countries: What Do They Do and Why Do They Matter?
Kidjie Saguin, National University of Singapore
MM2-2Panel 2e: Performance Management: Comparative Perspectives

Chair: Zeger van der Wal (National University of Singapore)

Individual Performance in a Pay for Performance Context: Exploring the Role of Public Employees’ Pre-Entry Motivations and Post-Entry Organisational Experiences
Filipe Sobral, Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV)
Liliane Furtado, Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV)

Turbulence, Complexity and Contextual Determinants of Organisational Performance: Evidence from American Hospitals
Justin B. Bullock, Texas A&M University
Laura Dague, Texas A&M University
Ling Zhu, University of Houston

Are More Options Always a Good Thing for Citizens? An Experimental Study of School Choice, Performance and Satisfaction
Ivan P. Lee, Rutgers University
Sebastian Jilke, Rutgers University
Oliver James, Exeter University

Getting it Done in Rural Places: The Moderating Effect of Rurality in the Co-production of Collective Services
Laurie E. Paarlberg, Texas A&M University
Rebecca Nesbit, University of Georgia
Austin McCrea, Texas A&M University
Suyeon Jo, Syracuse University

MM2-3Panel 2f: Is Public Management in Disarray in the 21st Century?
Comparing Reinventions and Redirections in Asia (part II)

Sponsored by Public Administration and Development (PAD)

Chair: M. Shamsul Haque (National University of Singapore)

Marketising the State in Asia: Why, Who, and How?
Darryl S.L. Jarvis, The Education University of Hong Kong

The Rise and Fall of Green Growth: A Challenge to People-Centred Public Management in Asia
Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira, Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV)

Is Big Data Too Big for Government? Examining the Challenges of Big Data for Government with the Case Studies of Hong Kong and Singapore
Wilson Wai-ho Wong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
May Chu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chris Hinnant, Florida State University
MM3-1Panel 2g: Governing a Shrinking Country: What Can Public Administrators Learn from Japan?

Chair: Naomi Aoki (National University of Singapore)

How Do Gendered Organisations in Local Offices Impact Childcare Policy Outcomes?
Reiko Arami, Nagoya University

Dynamics of Trust in Government under Local Fiscal Crisis: A Quasi-Experimental Study
Shugo Shinohara, Rutgers University

Determinants of Prefectural Leader and Followership in Spatially Polarising Japan
Naomi Aoki, National University of Singapore

Assessing Impacts of Public Service Motivation and Organisational Culture for Organisational Commitment in the Japanese Public Sector
Masao Kikuchi, Meiji University
MM3-4Panel 2h: Innovation Diffusion: New Perspectives and Empirical Evidence from Taiwan

Chair: Richard M. Walker (City University of Hong Kong)

GIS Mapping and Innovation Diffusion
Hsin-Chung Liao, Shih Hsin University
Mei-Chiang Shih, Tunghai University

The Adoption of Innovation: Perspectives from Public Service Motivation and Risk Perception
Keng-Ming Hsu, National University of Tianan
Milan Tung-Wen Sun, National Chi Nan University

Investigating the Triggers of Innovation: Examining the Bookstart Programme at Sheng-Po Library
Tsuey-Ping Lee, National Chung Cheng University
Yi-jung Wu, National Chung-Cheng University

Diffusion of Policy Innovation, Organisational Commitment and Organisational Performance: Empirical Evidence from the Bookstart Programme, Taiwan
Chih-hung Lui, Tunghai University
Yi-En (Mike) Tso, Soochow University

Innovation Adoption and Organisational Institutions – the Adoption of Bookstart among Taiwan Township Libraries
Ching-Heng Pan, National Chung Hsing University

11:30-11:50 | COFFEE AND TEA BREAK

Time: 11:50-13:10

LKS 1-1Panel 3a: Public Finance and Budgeting

Chair: Hui Li (National University of Singapore)

Performance Gaps, Coopetition, and Local Government Borrowing: Evidence from China
Liang Ma, Renmin University of China
Ling Zhu, University of Houston

Public Spending and Competitiveness in the 21st century: A Comparative Survey of Asian Countries
Danuvas Sagarik, National Institute of Development Administration

VAT in Emerging Economies: Does Third Party Verification Matter?
Shekhar Mittal, University of California, Los Angeles
Aprajit Mahajan, University of California, Berkeley

LKS 1-2Panel 3b: Understanding Governance Network Administration (the Philippine Context)

Chair: Maria Faina L. Diola (University of the Philippines Diliman)

Governance with Government: Cross-Sectoral Organisation Willingness to Collaborate to Plan for Disaster Preparedness
Reymund B. Flores, University of the Philippines Diliman

Collaborative Design of Civic Technologies: Using Design Thinking Protocol for Public Service Innovation
Sharon B. Millan, University of the Philippines Diliman

Social Innovation and Social Capital in Health: Implications on Third Sector Involvement in a Public Sphere
Rita M. Gallardo, Office of Senator Pangilinan, Asiapro Multipurpose Cooperative

From Governing to Selling Tourism: Local Government and the Tourism Industry of Bohol, Philippines
Carl Milos R. Bulilan, Holy Name University, Philippines
OTH Conference RoomPanel 3c: Leadership, Empathy, and Ethics

Chair: Rosemary O’Leary (The University of Kansas)

Does Ethical Leadership Differ on Employee Attitude and Behaviour – A Comparison of Public and Private Sector Organisations
Jongsoo Park, Korea University

Leaders’ Acceptance of Immigrants: Empathy or Contextual Factors?
Claudia N. Avellaneda, Indiana University
Johabed G. Olvera, Indiana University

Public Service Motivation in a Work Group: Role of Servant Leadership and Ethical Climate
Dong Chul Shim, Korea University
Hyun Hee Park, Kookmin University

The Impact of Ethical Leadership and Psychological Safety on Constructive Employee Voice in the U.S. Federal Government
Hyoshin Kwon, University of Georgia
MM2-1Panel 3d: Administrator-Citizen Relationships and Public Choice Engagement

Chair: Joris van der Voet (Leiden University)

Citizens' Intentions to Shame Street-Level Bureaucrats Online: A Cross-National Experiment
Noortje de Boer, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Public Officials' Willingness to Engage: Does Representativeness Matter?
Koen Migchelbrink, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Steven Van de Walle, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Responding to Disadvantageous Citizens in Authoritarian Governments
Xuhong Su, University of South Carolina
Fangyi Kong, Zhongnan University of Finance and Law

A Systematic Review of Choice Architecture Interventions on Adherence to Practice Guidelines by Health Care Professionals
Rosanna Nagtegaal, Utrecht University
Lars Tummers, Utrecht University
MM2-2Panel 3e: Management Across and Between Sectors

Chair: Laurie E. Paarlberg (Texas A&M University)

Partnering in the Balkan Refugee Route: An Analysis of Nonprofit-Volunteer Relationships
Isabella M. Nolte, Queen's University Belfast
Eric C. Martin, Bucknell University

The Evolution and Dynamic Factors of Relationship between Government and Social Organisations in China
Yingxuan Huang, Xiamen University

Better Performance of International Development Projects: Analysing Attributes of Collaborative Network of Configurations Using Fuzzy-Set QCA
Seungheon Han, Ewha Womans University
Minah Kang, Ewha Womans University

MM2-3Panel 3f: Street Level Bureaucrats

Chair: M. Shamsul Haque (National University of Singapore)

Object Character, Context Pressure and Street-level Bureaucrats’ Discretion: An Experimental Study of Chengguan Officers in China
Hao Xu, Tsinghua University
Xiaoli Lu, Tsinghua University

Street-Level Bureaucracy in Public Administration: A Systematic Literature Review
Ah Rum Chang, University of Georgia
Gene A. Brewer, University of Georgia

Street-Level Bureaucrats' Coping Behaviours: Based on Job Demands-Resources Theory
Euipyo Lee, Indiana University

Understanding Regulatory Decoupling in Street-level Enforcement Bureaucracies
Ning Liu, City University of Hong Kong
Shui Yan Tang, University of Southern California
Carlos Wing-Hung Lo, Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Xueyong Zhan, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
MM3-1Panel 3g: Performance Management Systems, Data, and Performance Information

Chair: Donald P. Moynihan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Performance Gaps, Organisational Slack, and Managerial Networking Behaviour
Jin Kim, Seoul National University
Young-Han Chun, Seoul National University

Keeping an Eye on the Ball? Managerial Priorities and Organisational Change in Performance Management Systems
Jakob Majlund Holm, Aarhus University

A Theory of P3 Performance
Mellie Haider, Texas A&M University
MM3-4Panel 3h: Civic Organisations in Local Governance: A Comparative Perspective

Chair: Weijie Wang (University of Missouri)

Internal Capacity and Neighbourhood Council Performance: A Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis
Terry L. Cooper, University of Southern California
Hui Li, University of Central Florida
Bo Wen, University of Southern California
Jiasheng Zhang, Florida State University

The Impact of Institutional Arrangements on Governing Capacity of China’s Homeowner Associations
Feng Wang, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Neighbourhood Self-governance by Nexus of Meanings
Wai-Hang Yee, University of Hong Kong
Weijie Wang, University of Missouri
Terry L. Cooper, University of Southern California

The Boundary Setting of Collaborative Governance - Why are Civic Organisations Often Excluded?
Weijie Wang, University of Missouri
MM3-5Panel 3i: Managing Highly Skilled Transient Migration

Chairs: Meng-Hsuan Chou, Nanyang Technological University, and Catherine Gomes, RMIT University

Siloed Diversity: Transnational Migration, Digital Media and Social Networks
Catherine Gomes, RMIT University

Transnational Academic Mobility, Local Connections and Career Advancement: Evidence from China
Feng Li, Hohai University
Li Tang, Fudan University

Mobility and Collaboration Network: A Study of Academics in Singapore
Jue Wang, Nanyang Technological University
Rosalie Hooi, Nanyang Technological University
Andrew Li, Central European University
Meng-Hsuan Chou, Nanyang Technological University

Strategies and Policy Effects in the Global Talent Race: Foreign Academics in Singapore
Lucie Cerna, University of Oxford
Meng-Hsuan Chou, Nanyang Technological University

13:10 – 14:30 | LUNCH (Sponsored by SPEA, Indiana University)

14:30-15:50 Journal Editors Roundtable: “What are Top Journals Looking For?”

Bradley E. Wright – Editor in Chief, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (JPART)

Kirk Emerson – Editor in Chief, Perspectives in Public Management and Governance (PPMG)

Paolo R. Graziano – Co-Editor, Governance

Edgar Eugenio Ramirez de la Cruz – Associate Editor, Public Administration Review (PAR), Associate Editor, Urban Affairs Review

Lotte Bøgh Andersen – Associate Editor, International Public Management Journal (IPMJ)

Moderator: Rosemary O’Leary (PMRA President, University of Kansas)

15:50-16:10 | COFFEE AND TEA BREAK

Time: 16:10-17:30

LKS 1-1Panel 4a: New Public Management and Administrative Reform

Chair: Ching Leong (National University of Singapore)

New Public Management in the Era of Authoritarian Populism in South Asia: An Analysis of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BIP) Regime in 'New India'
Tannen Neil Lincoln, Institute for Social and Economic Change

Shared Pessimism in Public Service Organisations: Inhibiting Factors for a Progressive Administrative Reform?
Reza Fathurrahman, Universitas Indonesia
Christoph Hönnige, Leibniz University of Hannover
Eko Prasojo, Universitas Indonesia

Capacity Building in Public Service Reform in the 21st Century
Kidjie Saguin, National University of Singapore
Si Ying Tan, National University of Singapore
Nihit Goyal, National University of Singapore
LKS 1-2Panel 4b: Performance Management, Contracting, Attitudes, and Outcomes

Chair: Lotte Bøgh Andersen (Aarhus University)

The Impact of Performance Incentives and Public Service Motivation on Public Managers Under Performance Management Reforms: An Experimental Survey Study
Robert W. Jackman, University of Southern California

Do Public Servants’ Moods Promote Their Job Performance? A Multiple Hierarchical Examination Based on the Forgiveness in the Culture of Harmonious Collectivism
Chunting Wang, Nanjing Tech University
Huping Shang, Nankai University

Measuring and Managing Ex Ante Transaction Costs in Public Sector Contracting
Ole Helby Petersen, Roskilde University
Erik Baekkeskov, Melbourne University
Matthew Potoski, University of California – Santa Barbara
Trevor L. Brown, Ohio State University

Transaction Costs of Private Companies in Public Sector Contracting
Ole Helby Petersen, Roskilde University
Jesper Rosenberg Hansen, Aarhus University
Anders Ryom Villadsen, Aarhus University
Kurt Houlberg, VIVE - The Danish Centre for Applied Research

Oppression in the Name of Public Values: A Critical Theory Approach to Contemplating the Dark Side of the Public Values Concept
Chin-Chang Tsai, National Sun Yat-sen University
OTH Conference RoomPanel 4c: Public Management and Social Services Delivery in Brazil: Critical Analysis of a Context of Crisis

Chair: Rogério Luiz Nery da Silva (University Of West Santa Catarina)

Brazilian's Immigrants Statute: Wide Protection and the Proportional Extension to its Provisions
Rogério Luiz Nery da Silva, University Of West Santa Catarina
Thaís Janaína Weczenovicz, University Of West Santa Catarina

Special Education and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities: In Brazil
Darlea Carine Palma Mattiello, University Of West Santa Catarina
Sonia Maria Cardozo dos Santos, University Of West Santa Catarina

Health of Migrants: Comparative Analysis Between United Kingdom and Brazil
Rogério Luiz Nery da Silva, University Of West Santa Catarina
Cristiane Brum dos Santos, University Of West Santa Catarina

Effectiveness of the Right to Health in Brazil: An Analysis Under a Context of Financial and Constitutional Crisis
Juliana de Oliveira, University Of West Santa Catarina

Public Administration Agents: Crisis Scenery, Corruption and the Control of Ethics and Public Morality in Brazil
Rogério Gesta Leal, University Of West Santa Catarina
Rogério Luiz Nery da Silva, University Of West Santa Catarina

Innovation RoomPanel 4d: Public Sector Innovation and Co-Production

Chair: Mehmet Akif Demircioglu (National University of Singapore)

Public Sector Innovation and Organisational Benefits: The Effects of Top-Down vs Bottom-Up and External vs Internal Innovations
Mehmet Akif Demircioglu, National University of Singapore

A Research on Behavioural Dynamics of Positive Psychological Capital, Social Capital and Human Capital in Korean Public Sector
Hyo Joo Lee, SungKyunKwan University
Sung Min Park, SungKyunKwan University

The Role of Public Value Governance in Fostering Innovation and Value Co-Creation: The Case of a Public Hospital
Tobias Polzer, University of Essex
Sara Melo, Queen’s University Belfast
Lode de Waele, University of Antwerp

Barriers to User and Community Co-Production of Public Outcomes: Identifying and Tackling Organsational Implementation of Innovation in the Public Sector
Tony Bovaird, University of Birmingham
Elke Loeffler, Governance International

MM2-1Panel 4e: Ethics, Corruption, and Anti-Corruption Strategies

Chair: Emil Bolongaita Jr. (Carnegie Mellon University)

A Non-Corrupt Public Sector – If You Can Keep It: 10 Country Study of Honesty and Public Sector Job Preferences
Asmus Leth Olsen, University of Copenhagen

The Size of the Effect of Corruption Experience on the Level of Corruption Perception in the Public Sector
Kilkon Ko, Seoul National University
June Park, Korea Institute of Public Administration
Siyoung Lee, Seoul National University

Exploring Determinants of Effective Anti-Corruption Strategies: Evidence from Taiwan’s Local Public Administrators’ Perception of Government Ethics Agencies
Wei-Ning Wu, National Sun Yat-sen University
Chih-Wei Hsieh, City University of Hong Kong
Chin-Chang Tsai, National Sun Yat-sen University

A Typology of Fundamental Ethical Dilemmas in Public Management
Bradley R. Agle, Brigham Young University
Aaron Miller, Brigham Young University
Eva Witesman, Brigham Young University
Rob Christensen, Brigham Young University

MM2-2Panel 4f: Water Management and Governance I

Chair: Eduardo Araral (National University of Singapore)

Engaging Non-State Actors in Improving Water Supply in Rural India: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Namrata Chindarkar, National University of Singapore
Yvonne Jie Chen, National University of Singapore
Dennis Wichelns, Stockholm Environment Institute

The Role of Meso-Institutions in Water Service Delivery
Olivia Jensen, National University of Singapore

Pathways for Sharing River Waters
Arkalgud Ramaprasad, University of Illinois
Chetan B. Singai, Ramaiah Public Policy Center
Thant Syn, Texas A&M International University
MM2-3Panel 4g: Accountability and Trust

Chair: Zeger van der Wal (National University of Singapore) & Mehmet Akif Demircioglu (National University of Singapore)

Participatory Institutions in Decentralised Indonesia: Understanding Participation, Responsiveness and Accountability
Anwar Musadat, Australian National University

Trust and Performance: Meta-Analytic Findings and Implications for Research and Practice
Jiasheng Zhang, Florida State Universtiy
Hui Li, University of Central Florida

Balancing the Conflicts Between Public Value in Policy Implementation
Tie Cui, The University of Edinburgh
Stephen Osborne, The University of Edinburgh

Implementing Open Government in Kazakhstan
Saltanat Janenova, Nazarbayev Universit
MM3-1Panel 4h: Change Leadership and Policy Entrepreneurship

Chair: Claudia N. Avellaneda (Indiana University)

‘Who are you Policy Entrepreneur?’ Policy Entrepreneurship Behaviour: A Panel Meta Review
Neomi Frisch Aviram, University of Haifa
Itai Beeri, University of Haifa

Conceptual Skills in Leading Change: A Competence Approach to Public Sector Leadership
Arif Jasim, British University in Dubai
Ashly H. Pinnington, British University in Dubai
Yuliani Suseno, Edith Cowan University

MM3-4Panel 4i: Positive Management and Public Sector Change

Chair: Stephen T.T. Teo (Edith Cowan University)

Positive Management and Public Sector Change
Stephen T. T. Teo, Edith Cowan University
Yvonne Brunetto, Southern Cross University

The Role of Job Descriptions, Performance Management and Accountability on Change Processes
Deborah Blackman, University of New South Wales
Fiona Buick, University of New South Wales
Samantha Johnson, University of New South Wales

The Role of Social and Supervisor Support in Managing the Effects of Workplace Bullying and Promoting Engagement
Diep Nguyen, Edith Cowan University
Stephen T.T. Teo, Edith Cowan University

Leadership and Organisational Factors that Foster Resilient Behaviours in Workplaces
Geoff Plimmer, Victoria University of Wellington
Esme Franken, Victoria University of Wellington
Sanna Malinen, University of Canterbury
Jane Bryson, Victoria University of Wellington

MM3-5Panel 4j: The Promises of Direct Public Participation Through Co-Production and Co-Governance: Do They Hold?

Chair: Jill K. Clark (The Ohio State University)

Assessing the Impact of Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship Laws in Addressing Social Problems, Co-Production and Creating Public Values
Frances Berry, Florida State University
Donwe Choi, Florida State University

Comparing the Effectiveness of Formal and Informal Coproduction in Engaging Underrepresented Groups in Public Service Delivery
Kelechi Uzochukwu, University of Baltimore

Governance of Public Participation: Local Food Action Planning in Columbus, Ohio, USA
Jill K. Clark, The Ohio State University

17:45 – 19:30 | Opening Reception at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS
(Sponsored by the Graduate School of Public Policy, Nazarbayev University)

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