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Time: 08:30-09:50

LKS 1-1Panel 8a: Water Management and Governance II

Chair: Chair: Joost Buurman (National University of Singapore)

Institutional Determinants of Successful Integrated Water Resource Management
Maitreyee Mukherjee, National University of Singapore

Local Government and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs): Experiencing Multi-Level Governance Issues in Water Supply Provision via These Arrangements in Indonesia
Radies Kusprihanto Purbo, Griffith Business School
Christine Smith, Griffith Business School
Robert Bianchi, Griffith Business School

The Paradox of Social Resilience: Explaining Delays in Water Infrastructure Provision in Kathmandu
Ching Leong, National University of Singapore
LKS 1-2Panel 8b: Performance Management: Comparative and International Perspectives

Chair: Donald P. Moynihan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

The Influence of Performance Measures on Performance in Australian Government Agencies
Graham Smith, University of Canberra

The Impact of Performance Management on Left-Behind Children’s Math Score at U.S. High Schools
Xu Han, University of Maryland
Donald Kettl, University of Maryland

Does Performance Management Work Differently Across Different Political Cultures? A Panel Analysis from 46 Economies
Naomi Aoki, National University of Singapore

A Specter of Weberian Bureaucracy: A Schumpeterian Challenge to the Performance-Based Promotion in China
Ciqi Mei, Tsinghua University
Xiaozhen Zhai, Tsinghua University
OTH Conference RoomPanel 8c: Applying Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) to Studying Public Organisations and Their Management (part I)

Chair: Bin Chen (City University of New York)

An Introduction to Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) as a Case-Oriented Research Method
Bin Chen, City University of New York

The Governance of Ridesharing in China: A Fuzzy-set QCA Analysis
Yanwei Li, Nanjing Normal University
Liang Ma, Renmin University of China

What Conditions, in Combination, Drive the U.S. State Government Innovativeness? A Fuzzy-Set QCA Approach
Bin Chen, City University of New York
Liang Ma, Renmin University of China
MM2-1Panel 8d: Managing the Intergovernmental Scene in China: Central Mandates vs. Local Compliance

Chair: Alfred M. Wu (National University of Singapore)

Redistributive Politics in China: Toward an Effective System for Fiscal Equalisation Efforts?
Alfred M. Wu, National University of Singapore

Bureaucratic Responsiveness on Chinese Local Government Websites: Leveraging Big Data to Measure Central-Local Governments Relationship
Nan Zhang, Tsinghua University
Yu-Che Chen, University of Nebraska Omaha
Baojun Ma, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Patterns of Environmental Spending: A Perspective of Local Government
Bo Miao, Sun Yat-sen University
Alfred M. Wu, National University of Singapore
Ying Yin, Soochow University
MM2-2Panel 8e: Managing Corruption

Chair: Zeger van der Wal (National University of Singapore)

Assessing Anti-Corruption Agency Performance: Lessons from Four Asian Countries
Scott Fritzen, University of Washington
Emil Bolongaita Jr., Carnegie Mellon University

Bribe-Taking Under High Waves: A Survey Experiment
Jeannette Taylor, The University of Western Australia
M. Jin Lee, City University of Hong Kong
Loo-See Beh, The University of Malaya

Corruption and Tax Structure
Cheol Liu, KDI School of Public Policy and Management
John L. Mikesell, Indiana University

Public Whistleblowing: Does Type of Corruption Matter?
Xuhong Su, University of South Carolina
Xing Ni, Sun Yat-sen University
MM2-3Panel 8f: The Management of Air Pollution Control in China

Chair: Jiannan Wu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), and Xun Wu (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Hierarchical or Horizontal:
Environmental Collaborative Governance of Chinese Local Governments
Yixin Dai, Tsinghua University

Is There a Threshold Effect in the Local Government Air Pollution Control Policy in Urban Agglomerations?
Liming Suo, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Can Environmental Collaborative Governance Clear the Air? A Natural Experimental Study across Chinese Cities
Mengmeng Xu, Xi’an Jiaotong University
Jiannan Wu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Richard Feiock, Florida State University

The Policy Effect of China Air Pollution Prevention and Control in Key Areas: A Difference-in-Difference-in-Difference Estimation
Zhihua Zhao, Xi’an Jiaotong University
Bo Yan, Xi’an Jiaotong University
Jiannan Wu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
MM3-1Panel 8g: Governance and Collaboration in Networks

Chair: H. Brinton Milward (University of Arizona)

Power, Collaboration, and Conflict in Policy Networks
Hyun Hee Park, Kookmin University
Dong Chul Shim, Korea University
Jeongyoon Lee, Ball State University,
R. Karl Rethemeyer, University at Albany, SUNY

Network Governance as an Explanatory Factor for Network Effectiveness: a Single Case Study of an Emergent Goal-directed Organisational Network
Steven van den Oord, University of Antwerp
Patrick Kenis, Tilburg University
Bart Cambré, University of Antwerp

Network Governance, Performance and the Inclusiveness/Efficiency Tension: A Study of EU Lobby Networks
Angel Saz-Carranza, ESADE
Adria Albareda, Leiden University

Network-Based Measurement of Functional Fragmentation in Governance Systems: An Application to Urban Water Management
Adam Douglas Henry, University of Arizona
Edna Liliana Gomez Fernandez, University of Arizona
Gary Pivo, University of Arizona

The Relationship between Community Diversity and the Types of Volunteering
Suyeon Jo, Syracuse University
Laurie Paarlberg, A&M University
Rebecca Nesbit, University of Georgia
Mallory Compton, Utrecht University
MM3-4Panel 8h: Asian Bureaucrats' Behaviours and Motivations

Chair: Assel Mussagulova (Nanyang Technological University)

Motivational Profiles in Reforming Asia: A Mixed-Method Comparison between Public Servants in Kazakhstan and Pakistan
Assel Mussagulova, Nanyang Technological University
Zeger van der Wal, National University of Singapore
Chung-An Chen, Nanyang Technological University

How Does Performance Appraisal Shape Public Employees’ Public Service Motivation: Evidence from a County Government of China
Jia Liu, Shaanxi Normal University
Rongrong Chen, Shaanxi Normal University

Object Character, Context Pressure and Street-level Bureaucrats’ Discretion: An Experimental Study of Chengguan Officers in China
Xiaoli Lu, Tsinghua University
Hao Xu, Tsinghua University

09:50-10:10 | Coffee & Tea Break


LKS 1-1Panel 9a: Performance Management: Comparative Perspectives

Chair: Jeannette Taylor (The University of Western Australia)

The Performance Effect of Public vs. Private Managers
Mellie Haider, Texas A&M University

Does Public Sector Size Matter? A Study of Size and Performance in Africa
Stuti Rawat, National University of Singapore

City Branding Performance – How It Measures Up?
Magdalena Florek, Poznan University of Economics and Business
Marta Hereźniak, University of Lodz

'Adhocracies' to Address Emerging Policy Challenges of the 21st Century
Sreeja Nair, Nanyang Technological University
LKS 1-2Panel 9b: Open Government, Media, and Big Data

Chair: Kirk Emerson (University of Arizona)

Open to Use Open Data? A Structural Equation Modelling Approach for Explaining the Acceptance of Public Open Data
Finna Handafiah, Universitas Indonesia

‘Very Erotic and Very Violent’: Vulgar Language, Deflection, Selective Cyber Censorship in China
Ciqi Mei, Tsinghua University
Baoshun Guo, Tsinghua University

Exploring the Transparency Effects: Government Transparency and Public Acceptance of Unwelcomed Government Decision
Xufeng Zhu, Tsinghua University
Juan Du, Tsinghua University

OTH Conference RoomPanel 9c: Education and Public Management

Chair: Rogério Luiz Nery da Silva (University Of West Santa Catarina)

Explaining Shared Perceptions of People Management in Public Organisations: An Exploratory Study in Schools
Julia Penning de Vries, Utrecht University
Eva Knies, Utrecht University
Peter Leisink, Utrecht University

Governance of Government Middle Schools in Beijing and Delhi: A Comparison on Supportive Accountability
Bria Yifei Yan, National University of Singapore

How are National Schooling Reforms Re-Shaping the work of State-Level Policy Makers in Australia's Federal System?
Glenn C. Savage, University of Western Australia

To What Extent are Universities Responsible for Non-Permanent Teachers: the French Case
Roula Masou, ESSCA School of Management
MM2-1Panel 9d: Administrative Reform, Performance Management and Implementation

Chair: Zeger van der Wal (National University of Singapore)

Organisational Differentiation and the Implementation of Performance Management Reforms
Robert W. Jackman, University of Southern California
Juliet Ann Musso, University of Southern California

Performance-Based Incentives, Efficiency, and Equality-Evidence from Research Performance
Do Han Kim, Kyung Hee University
Hee-Je Bak, Kyung Hee University

MM2-2Panel 9e: Local Government and Community Policies

Chair: Mehmet Akif Demircioglu (National University of Singapore)

Centralised Local Development vs. Localised Central Arrangement: Ambiguous Village Autonomy Policy in Indonesia
Defny Holidin, Universitas Indonesia
Desy Hariyati, Universitas Indonesia
Imas Cempaka Mulia, Universitas Indonesia

Examining the Role of Community Resources in Adopting Citizen Participatory Policy: The Case of “ Colourful Town” Policy in Korea
Youkyoung Jeong, University of Georgia
Jongdae Song, State University of New York

Superior Participation? The Effect of Deliberative Mini-Publics on the Legitimacy of Public Decision-Making Processes
D.J. Jacobs, Tilburg University
MM2-3Panel 9f: Organisational Effectiveness and Change

Chair: Ole Helby Petersen (Roskilde University)

Towards a Multi-relational Network Theory of Interlocal Service Contracting
Manoj Shrestha, University of Idaho

Effects of Change Management
Soeren C. Winter, VIVE- The Danish National Centre for Social Research
Peter R. Skov, VIVE- The Danish National Centre for Social Research

Does Financial Performance Matter? The Relationship between Fiscal Decentralisation and Trust in Government
Kim Soojin, Nanyang Technological University
Lee Yunsoo, Rutgers University
Kim Taehee, Seoul National University Of Science And Technology
MM3-1Panel 9g: Applying Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) to Studying Public Organisations and Their Management (part II)

Chairs: Liang Ma (Renmin University of China), and Bin Chen (City University of New York)

Why Do Local Governments Restrict the Online Car-hailing Service? An Exploratory Study from China
Bo Yan, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Long Wu, Beijing Normal University

Can We Make Citizens Think More Constructively About Accountability?
Asmus Leth Olsen, University of Copenhagen
Martin Vinæs Larsen, Aarhus University


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